Move Forward

It’s a funny thing when you move forward on a long time idea, and finally craft the thing, that will become your next always present companion.

That’s what working on my first solo album was like. I mean, I’d thought about it forever, kinda letting it take root, and growing some feelers for how it would take shape, and what it would be.

Along the way, I was always playing songs with my 
music partner, Les Stansell. He’s truly extraordinary as a man, not only a world renowned crafter of highly prized guitars and ukuleles using native Oregon woods, but also a great musical force in his own right. He’s played ukulele, guitar, banjo & flamenco guitar for years, and with his wife Mary, produced concerts at The Pistol River Friendship Hall for 2 decades.

Why am I going on about him, well, ‘cos I can, it’s my blog😝

The thing is, without him, I’d never have been in the position to create a solo album. He has created a musical legacy, of 4 CD’s and streaming content (that I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of) over the last few years comprised of a multitude of music, all covers of extraordinary songs spanning so many genres. Being part of something greater than me in a small private recording studio, planted that seed of culling songs I loved singing and playing into something that could really represent me.

It was weird though, to sift through all the great songs I loved performing, and then, look further into those songs, to determine how and why they resonated and if not, what would be a better choice. 

Stay tuned for the next installment 🤗

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