The Feeling of a Song

Thinking about the songs I choose to play more often than others helped me appreciate what songs to consider for my solo album. 

Initially, I thought I knew what the album line up would be, but that only got me to five songs ( which was a good start) therein lay the challenge. I’d learned more about how to get the best out of my voice in the few years I’ve played music with Les Stansell, than the entirety of my life singing. I’d never really thought about modulating my tonality or vibrato. I had it in spades, so I just always used it.

It’s when I would back off a phrase or a passage of notes that I learned how that affected the feel of the song. I’d never really internalized how a song felt emotionally whether it was sung at full voice or a softer delivery until I began playing with Les. He would suggest that I reign in a word, phrase or line. I was amazed at how that slight shift changed the feeling of sections of a song. I’m premiering Wise Up, a song by Aimee Mann at our next live show at The Pickleball Room in Pistol River. I could never have approached this song if I hadn’t discovered the nuances I could add to this well known classic. 

More soon!!!!

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